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Proven North Carolina Lawyer Pursues Justice for Injury Victims

Knowledgeable Durham attorney assists plaintiffs statewide

If you’ve been hurt in North Carolina and someone else is responsible for your injury, it’s important to know your rights if you are seeking full compensation for your harm. Insurance companies often try to take advantage of a difficult situation to pressure victims into an unfair settlement. At the Law Offices of Adrienne Blocker, PLLC in Durham, I provide personal attention to each client so that they can obtain the payment they deserve for medical costs, lost wages and other damages available under state law. My firm handles a full range of injury matters, including auto accident cases, slip and fall claims, and products liability actions. In 19 years of legal practice, I have secured verdicts and settlements exceeding $1 million for clients and will provide you with the same type of comprehensive legal support.

Skillful advocate assists people hurt in auto accidents

An auto accident not only causes severe physical and property damage but also puts victims in a tough legal position. Dealing with insurers is difficult enough; it is even harder to know if you’re getting the full payment that you’re entitled to. In Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and throughout North Carolina, I help people hurt in car crashes with legal issues such as:

  • Insurance claims — You have options under the state’s fault-based auto insurance system if you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident. I help you decide whether it’s best to file a claim with your carrier, seek relief from the faulty party’s insurance company or initiate a lawsuit against the liable party.
  • Motorcycle accidents — Intersections can be especially dangerous to motorcycle riders, who lack the protection of a car or truck. My firm conducts a thorough investigation to find any evidence that a driver ignored the laws that protect riders.
  • School bus collisions — Drivers frequently violate the laws that protect children who are boarding and riding school buses. If your son or daughter has been hurt in a school bus accident, I will take assertive action against the liable motorist.

Retaining the counsel you need to protect your rights is easy. I give injury victims a free initial consultation and do not collect legal fees until after your case is resolved.

Effective litigator handles premises liability claims after harmful falls

Property owners are required to keep their premises safe for others who might legally use them. Failure to do so can lead to a slip and fall injury that results in broken bones, concussions or other serious injuries. I literally wrote the book on premises liability law in North Carolina and am well versed in cases concerning unsafe walking surfaces, failure to address hazardous weather conditions, and lack of adequate safety measures. Plaintiffs in North Carolina have a tough standard to meet in state law, which follows the contributory negligence doctrine: they cannot be awarded damages if their negligence partly contributed to the injury. With this in mind, it is essential to retain counsel who knows how to try these cases.

Strong lawyer aids individuals attacked by dogs and other pets

Dog bites and other types of animal attacks can inflict serious damage in an instant, but recovering money from a pet owner is more complicated here than in other states. A skillful attorney gives you the best chance to demonstrate that the defendant was aware of the danger posed by the animal. My firm will detail prior incidents involving the pet and can combat defenses alleging that the victim provoked the incident in some way.

Accomplished firm litigates wrongful death actions for bereaved loved ones

Nothing makes up for the premature death of a family member, especially when someone else is responsible for the tragedy. However, North Carolina law does allow family members a measure of legal relief in some cases of wrongful death. In actions arising from vehicle crashes, medical malpractice, dangerous products and other types of negligence, I help survivors recover financial compensation for funeral costs, money that the decedent would have earned in their lifetime, and payment for the companionship that has been lost forever.

Contact a dedicated North Carolina injury attorney for a free initial consultation

The Law Offices of Adrienne Blocker, PLLC represents North Carolina victims in personal injury litigation relating to auto accidents, falls and other types of incidents. Please call 919-433-6309 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Durham office.

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